How to create an addictive puzzle game? part 3

Hello and welcome to the third and last part of my article! In case you haven’t read, the first part is here and the second is here.

Previously I have talked about elements which are essential for successful puzzle games, and now there’s time to talk about some extra things! It doesn’t mean those things are less important, not at all! You can publish a game without them, and it’s still will be a complete game, it just won’t be addictive enough and we don’t want that, do we? 🙂 So, what is left?

Moving crystals here and there isn’t exciting, unless the game provides some sort of a feedback, be it sounds or animation. Don’t be afraid of being creative and funny! We all remember a very deep voice from Candy Crash Saga, saying Delicious, Sweet, or Divine. This voice is very distinctive and this is what it’s all about – to stand out, so the players recognize your game 😉 There are thousands of puzzle games in mobile market already, so try to be different in some way!

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How to create an addictive puzzle game? part 2

Hello and welcome to the second part of an article. Here is the link to the first part, in case you haven’t read it 😉

Today I will talk about moves, bonuses and more. We will cover some essential parts of a puzzle game which are absolutely must have 🙂 Let’s start then!

On the screenshot below you can see a popup of a Daily Bonus. The one I just unlocked gives me 2 Extra Moves. Basically, each day I get a bonus and they are mostly repeating, but from time to time there’s something special, as well as unknown, marked with ?. Not only a player receives something for free, he also has an insight into other bonuses, with the most valuable one at the end. All of this makes a little intrigue and creates a stronger bound between a player and a game.

Digger Saga bonus

After you receive a Daily Bonus, it is automatically selected in the next-played level. Continue reading How to create an addictive puzzle game? part 2

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How to create an addictive puzzle game?


Today I’m gonna share my experience regarding match-three puzzle games and different kind of consumer’s attraction strategies that are used in such games. Although, I had thoughts about writing this article a few months ago, this is the first time when I actually do it. And I’ll do my best to explain everything in a simple and a brief form. Let’s begin!

First of all, why did I pick puzzle games and not a different kind? The answer is simple – I play puzzle games most of the time, be it on my way to work, during breaks, or while travelling further away. Such games are usually lightweight, have a clear goal, and are not difficult to play. Even though, they require you to stay focused most of the time, it’s not like you must respond right away, like in racing games, for example. This is a good thing when played in a bus, train, or any other vehicle where you get distracted by other people, or think about getting out in the right moment. In such cases you can safely pause and resume the game later.
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Sleepwalker Time to Wake Up

Hi, everybody!

Today’s post won’t be about programming or IDEs, it will be about games or, to be precise, – about one cool game that I enjoyed playing these days, and which undoubtedly deserves your attention.

The title of this game is Sleepwalker Time to Wake Up. It is a board logic game where your mission is to guide a sleepwalker guy wisely through many deadly traps! There are two different worlds with 20 levels each, and Garden levels coming soon! In case you feel lost, just play Tutorial levels and you’ll be fine 😉 Sleepwalker game

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