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Hi, everybody!

I wanted to share an amazing web page with you! It is actually a whole course which learns the basics of jQuery. You learn by watching videos and then doing interactive exercises. I must say that this course if for absolute beginners in jQuery though you must know HTML and CSS at least a bit.

This is the address of this course –

The starting page looks like this:

try jQuery course

Your progress is 0 and you haven’t earned any badges yet but hey, they are easy to earn! 😉 Even if you’ve lost there will be hints available!

And after completion of this course (it will take about 2.5h to complete it), you will see what badges you have actually earned and you will be able to share your progress on different social networks too.

try jQuery course completion

What is worth mentioning is that there will be the second part of try jQuery lessons (more advanced)! In Learn more section you can write your email address and press the SUBSCRIBE button and they will inform you when this new course will be available!

Happy coding! 😉

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