#2015/09 Useful links

Hi, guys! Today I proudly present you an updated version of Useful links. I have decided to make it a monthly digest, so each month I will gather what’s the best out there and share it with you 😉

This one is dedicated to September and I really hope you will enjoy it!

September 2015 digest


Approaches for multiplatform UI design adaptation

Using Psychology to Craft User Experiences

Android Design for Developers

How to Create the Perfect Icon for Your App

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Tips and Tricks in Corona SDK


Today I’m gonna share a few things which I have learned while working with Corona SDK. Those are things I wish somebody told me at the very beginning of my journey with Corona, so hopefully you find them useful as well 😉

Anchor Points

Anchor points are the properties which allow you to change the alignment of the object within its own bounding box. As difficult as it may sound, we’re just changing a gravity of some control (it can’t be a group, as groups don’t respect anchor points).

Whenever you see setReferencePoint, xReference, or yReference in some tutorial, just know – they are deprecated. There are now anchorX and anchorY isntead, and they’re default values are 0.5, which can be changed with the call like:

display.setDefault("anchorX", 0)

Further info

Transforms and Anchors

Anchor Points in Graphics 2.0

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Useful links #3 (aka Things that inspired me)

Hi guys!

Today I’ve decided to post a few links which were really useful for me recently. Hope you find them helpful as well 😉


A tool to reverse engineer Android apk files

Decompiling DEX into Java sourcecode

Git for Unity Developers

Unity C# Fractals Tutorial (explains many other things as well)

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Things that inspired me #2

Hello, everybody!

Today I post a second edition of inspiring things among development, apps, and games. Hope you’ll like it 😉


Android Studio Navigation Editor

9-Patch Resizer

Add content to PreferenceFragment from SP gathered from different activities

Putting your APKs on a diet

JetBrains CLion C/C++ IDE

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