#2016 Autumn Digest


Autumn is over and so it’s time to sum up all of the great things it brought. Both in Poland and Ukraine we had big mobile events – GDG Dev Fest Poland 2016 and GDG Dev Fest Ukraine 2016. Unfortunately, I wasn’t present on either of them 🙁 If you were like me, here’s the link to talks. Here, in Warsaw, we also had a few good Mobile Warsaw meetups, so as you can see, the opportunity to deepen the mobile knowledge was broad.

Not only this, – the amount of great albums, released in the last couple of months, is just incredible! If I had to pick my absolute favorite, it would be Empire of the Sun – Two Vines, but it doesn’t mean the others are bad!

2016 Autumn digest

In November I also became an addict to games and educational apps. Which ones? Check the items below! 😉
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#2016 Summer Digest

The summer is over (well, for some of us 🙂 and it’s time to sum up interesting stuff for the last three months. And quite a lot has happened! Android released it’s newest version – Nougat. It is focused on security, speed and nice new features, like split screen and direct notifications reply. Developers have their own new toys, like ConstraintLayout and Direct Boot. On other fronts, Apple helps us learn Swift with Swift Playgrounds, and we still have Olympic Games in Rio, as well as great music releases by ZHU, Tom Odell or Mumford & Sons. There were a few game releases, but the the major ones are ahead.

As you can see, the diversity is big, so it’s your choice where to invest the time!

2016 Summer digest

As always, here’s the link to the previous Digest 😉 Thanks for reading!

P. S. Yep, my monthly, then two-month digests have been converted to seasonal ones. This is because I find it extremely difficult to sort all and do it on time. Hopefully, this new format will keep me organized 🙂
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#2016/April-May Useful links

Today is the last day of Spring, and so it’s a wonderful occasion for me to sum up all of the great articles, videos, games and music albums, I’ve gathered for you in April and May 😉

Thinking about important recent events, one should mention Google IO 2016, Unite ’16 Europe, Digital Dragons 16-17 May. Google has decided to add a multi-window support on Android and Facebook launched Live Videos. CD Projekt RED has released their last DLC for The Witcher 3 – Wine and Blood and Windows got enriched with the Bash shell. The weather outside is hotter every day, and I hope you already started to plan your holidays. I did, and hey, I’m sure there’s a lot of great stuff ahead, and I sure will share it with you soon! 😉

April May 2016 Digest

As always, here’s the link to the previous Digest 😉 Thanks for reading!
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#2016/February-March Useful links

Hi, guys!

It is the last day of March and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to share all great links I’ve gathered through the last two months. There is also a “Happy Easter!” greeting which goes to all who celebrate Easter in March and May! What about links, this time the absolute winner is Game Dev, but there are a few wonderful music albums, as well as articles on design matters. Well, check out yourself!

February - March 2016 digest

Here’s the link to the previous Digest 😉
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