Look Counter app and more!

Hi there,

It’s been a long time since I talked about my app’s release, but finally this day came! Today, I want to present you Look Counter – a simple app for counting how many times a day you have turned on and unlocked your phone (or tablet). It counts this in background and displays the latest numbers on the main view. You, as a user, can delete this data at any moment of time (Clear all Data option, with a quick Undo if you change your mind).

Look Counter app screenshots


I’ve put an About view, if somebody is confused with the minimalist design and doesn’t follow what those numbers in circles mean, or maybe, wants to contact me right away, and say that counting doesn’t work for him at all! 😛

Anyway, the source code is on GitHub, so you can check what’s inside and grab tasty pieces, as well as point me at my mistakes 😉
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Google Play – old store new look

We are paying a lot of attention to Android since Google IO 2014 and try to be up to date with all new things. One of those things is Google’s Material Design. Android Developers Blog post reveals more information about it.

In our opinion it looks really nice and intuitive. App users have the most valuable data „on top”, drawn on a card-looking layout. It’s easy to navigate through views as well. Generally, the interface became less obscure and more content-oriented.

As Android user you’ve probably noticed Google’s Play new look. See the screenshot below if not 😉

Google Play screenshot

Here you can see the promo video. If it’s absent, the promo graphic will be shown instead. In case there is no promo at all, empty space will be substituted with app’s icon and title. Clever, huh? You can experience many clickable areas like app’s opinions, description, feedback, developer’s info and others.
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