Android Color Picker library

Hi, everybody!

Today I wanted to share a very good news with you. I have finally finished implementing changes to my fork of android-color-picker library. It is on github already, so feel free to Watch & Star 😉

Color Picker screenshotAs written in README, this is just a small library for very intuitive and interactive color picking. Why should you use my fork and not the original library? Well, with Android 3+ came the era of fragments and you should use fragments for better UX and device compatibility.
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Making AndroidAnnotations work in IntelliJ IDEA 12

Hi, everybody!

Today I gonna write a tutorial on how to add the AndroidAnnotations library to your project in IntelliJ IDEA 12 (more specifically in IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.3).

Actually I was struggling a few hours before I made it work for the first time. And although there are quite a few posts about AndroidAnnotations + Intellij integration, still not all things were covered in those posts and so I felt a need to share my knowledge. I really hope it will help somebody 😉

OK, let’s get started! I presume you already have Intellij IDEA installed. If not, get it done!
We will need an Android project to test the annotations, so you need to create one. It can be a Hello world! or something like that 😉
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try jQuery course!

Hi, everybody!

I wanted to share an amazing web page with you! It is actually a whole course which learns the basics of jQuery. You learn by watching videos and then doing interactive exercises. I must say that this course if for absolute beginners in jQuery though you must know HTML and CSS at least a bit.

This is the address of this course –

The starting page looks like this:

try jQuery course

Your progress is 0 and you haven’t earned any badges yet but hey, they are easy to earn! 😉 Even if you’ve lost there will be hints available!

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Tutorial: ActionBarSherlock Tabs + ViewPager + ListFragment (with tab listeners and more…)

Hi, everybody!

Today I gonna post more complex tutorial which will cover ActionBarSherlock tabs combined with ListFragment as a tab content and a ViewPager for a better user experience (this tutorial assumes that you have a basic knowledge of these classes as well as ActionBarSherlock library).

In order to begin, we need to download ActionBarSherlock library. After the download, I suggest to create a folder for our project (you can name it TabsWithViewPager) and place the extracted ActionBarSherlock’s library content in it (without a test folder as we don’t need it). Now, create an Android project with a package name com.lomza.tabs_view_pager, minimum sdk version set to 8 and target sdk version set to 17, and name the project TabsWithViewPagerProject. Also, add a class titled MainActivity which will extend SherlockFragmentActivity and override the onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) method. Place the project in our TabsWithViewPager folder. To this point, you should have two folders in TabsWithViewPager folder: library and TabsWithViewPagerProject.
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