try jQuery course!

Hi, everybody!

I wanted to share an amazing web page with you! It is actually a whole course which learns the basics of jQuery. You learn by watching videos and then doing interactive exercises. I must say that this course if for absolute beginners in jQuery though you must know HTML and CSS at least a bit.

This is the address of this course –

The starting page looks like this:

try jQuery course

Your progress is 0 and you haven’t earned any badges yet but hey, they are easy to earn! 😉 Even if you’ve lost there will be hints available!

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Tutorial: ActionBarSherlock Tabs + ViewPager + ListFragment (with tab listeners and more…)

Hi, everybody!

Today I gonna post more complex tutorial which will cover ActionBarSherlock tabs combined with ListFragment as a tab content and a ViewPager for a better user experience (this tutorial assumes that you have a basic knowledge of these classes as well as ActionBarSherlock library).

In order to begin, we need to download ActionBarSherlock library. After the download, I suggest to create a folder for our project (you can name it TabsWithViewPager) and place the extracted ActionBarSherlock’s library content in it (without a test folder as we don’t need it). Now, create an Android project with a package name com.lomza.tabs_view_pager, minimum sdk version set to 8 and target sdk version set to 17, and name the project TabsWithViewPagerProject. Also, add a class titled MainActivity which will extend SherlockFragmentActivity and override the onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) method. Place the project in our TabsWithViewPager folder. To this point, you should have two folders in TabsWithViewPager folder: library and TabsWithViewPagerProject.
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AndEngine Cookbook is finally available!

After learning from tutorials, blog posts and who knows where else, AndEngine for Android Game Development Cookbook has been finally published!

andengine cookbook

You can buy it on the publisher’s site which is [PACKT] publishing or on Amazon and a few other stores.

As the overview on publisher’s site says, this is a step-by-step instruction on how to write games using AndEngine. It explains pretty much everything starting from basic things such as what is a texture, a sprite, how you can manage these things, etc. and goes to more advanced topics such as performance optimization, physics extensions and some others. At the end you have a source code for the example game you were writing while doing exercises from this book.
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Tutorial: Scan barcodes with ZXing library (Intent integration)

Nowadays, more and more apps have either built-in bar code & QR code scanner or represent their products via these codes. So it’s really the matter of time when the Android developer will build the app with the bar code integration.

With the though of this, I made a simple tutorial on how to integrate the most popular open-source barcode library – ZXing. In this tutorial I will describe an intent integration, which means that I will ask the system if there is a Barcode Scan app installed, if yes – the scan will be performed, if not – I will be re-directed to the Play Store where I could easily download Barcode Scan app and after the installation, – perform the scan. This way, we leave all the heavy-lifting for ZXing library.

In order to start, you need to download the (where X.X is the current version of ZXing) from Unpack the .zip file and navigate to android-integration folder. There you will see a src folder and a few .jar files. Pick the one that suits you (honeycomb if you build Android 3> app or supportv4 for compatibility…) and put it into the /lib folder of your Android project.
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