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My name is Tonia and I’m an Android Developer  living in Warsaw, Poland. I enjoy writing tutorials and sharing my knowledge, be it answers on stackoverflow or public talks. I particularly like qualitative apps with an emphasis on UI/UX.

Besides mobile technologies, I read ~20 books a year and try to learn German by my own (through Duolingo and Memrise courses). I occasionally play PC and PS4 games, annoy my boyfriend who works from home, and eat chocolate until I feel guilty (not necessary in this order).
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I also write posts on Rapid Games Studio blog and in Android Mob Group on Facebook. You might stumble on me in Google Campus or some GDG event. I’m not very social though, so I usually omit the networking part 😛

If you have a question, suggestion or even a project that might interest me, please don’t hesitate to contact me on tonia.tkachuk@totem-soft.com. I will be happy to answer 🙂

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Motivate me to write more tutorials and apps 🙂