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It is the last day of March and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to share all great links I’ve gathered through the last two months. There is also a “Happy Easter!” greeting which goes to all who celebrate Easter in March and May! What about links, this time the absolute winner is Game Dev, but there are a few wonderful music albums, as well as articles on design matters. Well, check out yourself!

February - March 2016 digest

Here’s the link to the previous Digest 😉


Freebie: Barista And Coffee Lovers Icon Set

Freebie: Easter Icon Set

Freebie: Home Appliance And Real Estate Icons


Designing an immersive user interface for Hearthstone

Designing apps for kids is not child’s play

Nobody Wants To Use Your Product


The evolution journey of Android GUI testing

[RU] Android runtime permissions. Почему, зачем и как


Direct sales launch: 3 years ago VS now

SOMA – 6 Months Later

Grow your games business on Google Play: Game parameters management, video recording, streaming ads, and more

Making Great VR: Six Lessons Learned From I Expect You To Die

Indie devs discuss the pros and cons of Steam refunds

Godot Tutorial – Tool mode

No, you shouldn’t get your money back for games you finished and loved


Video conversations with up to 8 people for free

DB Browser for SQLite




Miike Snow – iii

ONUKA – Vidlik

Night Moves – Pennied Days


The Dressmaker


TED – The paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz

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