#2015/11 Useful links

Hi, guys! It’s already December, but we still got to have the Useful links November digest, even though with a small delay! This one is concentrated more around Android and music, but also has some really interesting readings in other categories.

As always, link to the previous digest is here.

November 2015 digest

Enjoy the articles and put your comments below. Thanks 😉


Hope Is The Message


Product Strategy Means Saying No

There are no small changes

Freebie: Nice Things Icon Set


So you wanna make video games, huh?

Classic Postmortem: The making of Half-Life 2


Android Dev Summit 2015

Android Material Design Slidenerd Style Free Course

Why The Play Store Thinks Your App Has Ads… When It Doesn’t

Leak Canary

Grokking RxJava


Enya – Dark Sky Island

Nitsua – Dayscape

Club 8 – Pleasure


The Voices

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